Prisma 4 – Photos To Artwork

Prisma is the photo editing app that is both for iOS and Android that has caught the fancy Prisma social feed interfaceof users. What makes Prisma unique is that it uses artifically intelligent cloud processing to apply art-esque filters to photos and videos. The styles that are used are of famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Munch and Mondrian.The fact that Artificial Intelligence is used extensively by the app makes Prisma a very exciting app.

What is unique about Prisma is that the rendering of the effects is done online on the Prisma servers which does not burdern your phone’s hardware but requires a good Internet connection

The popularity of Prisma has been so phenominal that Facebook has decided to flat out copy the app and plan to launch an iOS version soon in the USA.

Prisma 4.0

The Russian development team at moonlight, the developers of Prisma amongst other apps, have come up with a major upgrade of Prisma by releasing the fourth version.

Main changes in Prisma 4.0

  1. Social Feed. A new new location-based photo feed that algorithmically displays prisma-social-feednearby photos from other Prisma users. Also the alogrithm works on the formula more likes = more shares. Analytics and other standard social media platform features are available.
    Further you can choose to see photos from a particular area! For example you might opt for seeing artworks users have shared near Eiffiel Tower or the Niagra Falls. These features make the social feed interesting and another solid time waster you cannot escape ;-)/
  2. Crop with free aspect ration. Till now cropping could be done only as per a fixed aspect ratio – 1080 x 1080 pixel square  No more! Now artworks can be cropped to any aspect ratio. There’s another benefit to that resolution bump aside from just looking better on large high resolution screens: at about 5.29 megapixels for square images, you could theoretically make decent prints out Prisma’s photos now, which could lead to some easy-peasy home-made art. In fact Prisma tells me it’s considering partnering with printing companies, although nothing has been finalized.

A good news for Android users is that the updates are available on Android now as well though initially the updates were limited to the iOS app. Download the app for your phone below

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