StartupToolkit for startups!

Startup Toolkit is a collection of how-to guides for startups. In fact these guides are for any business that is looking to grow. ┬áThe Startup Toolkit has been developed by the same team that developed – the simple and effective project management tool.

The toolkit provides different guides and tools to achieve different goals. The various goals that can be achieved using the guides are

  • Get Press Coverage for Your StartupVarious goals at
  • Launch a Kickstarter campaign
  • Earn Free Traffic From Online Communities
  • Create a Basic SEO campaign
  • Setup Your First PPC Campaign
  • Get Started With Blogging
  • Build a Landing Page Without a Single Line of Code
  • Run A/B Tests To Improve Your Website

Each guide is not just plain text but it comes with three-in-one tools which include

  1. a detailed article
  2. a visual step-by-step workflow and
  3. a ready to use project plan

The project plan can be imported into project management tool which has been built by the same team. The guides are easy to understand and implement.

Startuptoolkit guides have workflows for each task
Screenshot of the project plan on

The StartupToolKit guide can be viewed on both a desktop or mobile. The content on StartupToolKit is completely free however if you do end up using project management tool you will have to pay after 14 days of use.