Shift – GTD tool to Gmail like a boss

If you are one of those who have to spend a lot of time in your day checking multiple Gmail, Google calendar, Google Drive or Outlook accounts then Shift is for you as it will help you get more work done (and who does not need that?).

Shift is an app that works on Windows, Mac and Linux and is a one stop manager for on multiple Gmail and G-Suite apps like Docs, Drive and Calendar accounts with the familiar Gmail interface.

Features of Shift

Some of the principle features of shift are All the gmail accounts at one place with shift

  • Access Multiple Gmail/Inbox Accounts
  • Easily Switch Between Mail, Calendar & Drive
  • Cross-Platform Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Native Desktop Notifications
  • Supports


Pricing of Shift

Shift is available in two versions – Shift Basic is completely free and allows you to access up to two Gmail accounts, and Shift Pro which allows you to add unlimited accounts across Gmail and Outlook which is priced at $19.99 per year. For details of the pricing check the pricing page on Shift. If you are interested in going in for the pro version head to this link as it gives you extra 3 months for free!

Shift is a nice app for those who have use multiple Gmail or Outlook accounts. It is a pain to check multiple Gmail and Outlook accounts and Shift makes it easy.